Chiropractic Kinesiology

An update about chiriparctic services:

I am very grateful for the years of service that I have been able to provide in person as a chiropractor and holistic doctor. Because of the current political mandates I am now only providing virtual services. Please see for more information.

A Holistic Chiropractor

When I fist started to get chiropractic treatment, I was fascinated how it relieved my pain and discomfort. This made so much sense to me. The joints are out of place and this will cause pain and reduced movement around those joints. It seemed to be a very logical approach help someone in discomfort or agony.

The only catch was that my pain was only relieved for a short period of time. Sometimes a few days but maybe only a few minutes on the worst of days. The chiropractor's suggestion about this was to get more regular treatment, up to several times a week. I intuitively felt there was a better solution. My goal was to kept searching out doctors who were successful in the aspect of helping their patients heal profoundly.

Listening to the body

Chiropractic Kinesiology

I learned about Applied Kinesiology (AK) and other related methods that look at the body holistically. This means that all parts are connected. With AK I learned to observe and test the muscles and movement of the body. This was a magic key to help diagnose what needs to be corrected. They also look to how the muscles are working. Are they supporting the joints of the body, not only while standing still but also while moving? Muscles turn on and off when you move, walk, and run. This complex, automatic system of muscles moving the joints needs to be checked to see if it's working properly. Problems with this beautiful mechanism will cause a chiropractic adjustment will go right back out of place as someone moves.

When a doctor becomes proficient in AK, they can have a dialog with the patient's body. They can look into where the patient is having a problem, then use muscle testing to see what needs to be done to correct the issue. This takes the guesswork out of what is needed and creates a map to the solution. A direct path to restoring function is understood.

AK is a step above a doctorate in education. The chiropractor has to take the knowledge that they learned in school and be able to apply it holistically. Many doctors do not want to take on all this extra work but I always wanted to go the extra mile. I wanted magic to happen for my patients and that means not being a standard doctor of chiropractic. The dream is to see people feel better as quickly, efficiently, and completely as possible.

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