Here are some self help tools for you.

Empowering others to handle life better has always been important for me. The latin root for the word "Doctor" is doc(ēre) which means "to teach". With this being said, I want to use this page to offer classes, videos, and other forms of learning for your wellbeing.


In this class that Dr. Ciprian did with the Woo Woo Company, you will learn what trauma is and ways to release it from our bodies to heal. This recorded workshop will give you the tools and techniques to help release trauma to help you move on and replace it with something better.

What’s included?

  • Recorded workshop (audio + visual and audio only)
  • Recorded meditation for grounding
  • Workshop notes

Ready to find out more?

Releasing Trauma Class

My daily reset meditation

Here is a little mediation and visualization that I use myself daily. It helps me reset, become grounded, and focused.

Muscle Testing Training for professionals

For the professional who is studying or practicing Applied Kinesiology. Click Here