We offer several levels of service to help you the best way possible.

Chiropractic Kinesiology

Dr. Ciprian will examine your physical body (joints, muscles, movement) through muscle testing, posture, and gait analysis (watching how you walk). These tools intuitively help him to see why you have aches, pains, reduced motion, and physical challenges and assist him in finding the fastest and longest lasting solution to help you feel better.
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Holistic & Chiropractic evaluation

The holistic session utilizes the chiropractic treatment as mentioned above, if needed, as well as examination of your physiology, mental & emotional patterns, and energetic anatomy. This is a deeper and more complete  evaluation and treatment that takes into account all aspects of you.

Remote Energy Work

With an email or over the phone session, Dr. Ciprian will use his intuition to look into your energetic anatomy to help you overcome health challenges wether they are physical, physiological, and or mental/emotional.
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